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About William Burlet

Based in Eastern Algarve - however working weherever you'll ask me to-, I wish to bring to life the wedding ceremony - or wedding - of your dreams, whatever that means to you, as I am open to any ethical request. French born, I studied event planning in Paris, after living in various countries, such as the USA, China, Australia, the UK and Ireland. Life has brought me to this wonderful portuguese region, which I know by heart and where I have built a solid network of professionals.


The Small Details

My hard working team of attentioned artisans and designers, and myself, will be taking care of your event,  while you will just have to enjoy and fully live the moment. We will create the moment you have been dreaming of. 


Empathy, creativity, patience, ethics, respect, adaptability and honnesty combined with high organization skills will give you the best experience ever. 

We speak English      Falamos portugûes      Nous parlons français      Hablamos castellano

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